PW indices performances PW Indices from 31.12.2022 to 27.05.2023
  • CHF - Low risk : 1.29%
  • CHF - Mid risk : 2.54%
  • CHF - High risk : 3.45%
  • EUR - Low risk : 1.94%
  • EUR - Mid risk : 3.33%
  • EUR - High risk : 4.13%
  • USD - Low risk : 2.44%
  • USD - Mid risk : 3.54%
  • USD - High risk : 4.57%
  • GBP - Low risk : 0.69%
  • GBP - Mid risk : 1.32%
  • GBP - High risk : 0.64%

Frequently asked questions

What is Performance Watcher?

Performance Watcher is a community initiated in 2005 by the company Investment by Objectives (IBO) SA. It is made up of investors looking to evaluate their portfolio’s performances and then compare them with other portfolios with same risks budget. This free and 100% anonymous platform provides attractive and easy-to-use solutions to ensure confidence in the banking sector.

What is the concept of Performance Watcher?

It is really simple. An investor subscribes on Performance Watcher and send a message to his bank asking for an authorization to communicate anonymously his portfolio data. The bank then provides this data every day to Performance Watcher, which analyzes it, in order to evaluate the client’s portfolio using the Perfometer.

What is the Perfometer?

The Perfometer is a simple tool developed by Performance Watcher. It allows you to understand at a glance, with the help of a meteorological pictogram, the performance of a portfolio compared to other investors. Is the Perfometer stormy ? This means that the portfolio is worse than the average person with the same investment. However, if the Perfometer indicates a sunny weather, it means that all is well !

How long should I wait to see my Perfometer?

From the time the Performance Watcher receives it’s first piece of data from your bank, it requires 30 days to display your own Perfometer.

My bank is not connected to Performance Watcher. Can I still use it?

During your next interaction with your banker, ask him or her about Performance Watcher and express your interest in joining. We appreciate your support!

The total value of my investment portfolio is very low, is there a minimum requirement to register to Performance Watcher?

There is no minimum value required to register for Performance Watcher. You just need to hold an investment portfolio at a bank. Everyone is welcome to join this community!

Is it possible to track multiple portfolios?


The PW indices, what are they and how are they done?

PW indices represent compiled results collected from various entities managing the actual investment portfolios. They are independently produced and are an excellent way for comparing with your own portfolio.

What data is sent from my account to Performance Watcher?

Performance Watcher receives the absolute minimum amount of data which is necessary in order to accurately calculate risk and performance. This is limited to your total account value and the sum of any inflows and/or outflows for the relevant observation periods.

How secure is the data transmitted?

Financial data and infrastructure are secured by using highly sophisticated cryptographic security systems that meet the latest security requirements. In addition, all data is kept strictly anonymous and, in no way, does it enable a user’s portfolio to be traced to its owner. All stored data is purely statistical in nature.

Why Performance Watcher is free?

Our service is based on a mutually beneficial exchange of good practices. We provide you for free a user-friendly and effective tool in exchange for gathering anonymous portfolio data. This in turn creates a virtuous cycle for all parties. The more data our system receives, the more efficient it becomes, and so comparisons become increasingly relevant. This then enables you to access even more useful information which, in turn, enables IBO to serve you even better. The Perfometer must be free in order to protect its impartiality.

How does Performance Watcher guarantee its independence?

Performance Watcher does not actually manage any money on behalf of third parties. Its sole role is to promote its proprietary digital platforms. The remuneration system contractually excludes Performance Watcher from any potential conflict of interest. Independence and impartiality are the building blocks on which Performance Watcher solutions and services are built.

How is the performance calculated?

Performance Watcher calculates the daily performances based on the valuations received as well as any cash inflows or outflows totals, and then chains these daily performances over the observation period. This method is called "True Time Weighted Return".