PW indices performances PW Indices from 31.12.2023 to 30.04.2024
  • CHF - Low risk : 1.62%
  • CHF - Mid risk : 3.11%
  • CHF - High risk : 5.47%
  • EUR - Low risk : 0.95%
  • EUR - Mid risk : 2.16%
  • EUR - High risk : 3.63%
  • USD - Low risk : 0.28%
  • USD - Mid risk : 1.55%
  • USD - High risk : 2.70%
  • GBP - Low risk : 0.91%
  • GBP - Mid risk : 2.34%
  • GBP - High risk : 3.42%
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Simplify portfolio tracking to enrich the discussion with your clients. Support tracking and documentation of compliance actions to simplify reporting and monitoring.

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Access powerful and objective analysis tools without having to deal with data management

Aggregating and cleansing customer data and making it available in accurate and actionable tools at all times is a thankless task with little added value, but it is necessary for the execution of your work. Performance Watcher automates this entire process in a secure and anonymous way.

Take advantage of an alert system to delegate the daily monitoring of performance and risk overruns

The automation of daily data allows for the creation of alert tools that allow exceptions to be addressed as soon as problems are identified, without waiting for the monthly or quarterly review process.

Objectivise monitoring by freeing up internal management data

The data comes directly from the custodians or the portfolio management systems and is therefore not modified by the manager.

To be in contact with potential clients in the community

By becoming a Performance Watcher Business Partner, you will be able to access the community of principals.

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Performance Watcher is a participatory network that makes it easy to compare, track and communicate investment results.


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A powerful and intuitive solution for tracking performance and risk

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The Perfometer is the heart of Performance Watcher's analysis tools. Thanks to its simplicity and precision, it allows you to instantly compare the competitiveness of the portfolio under analysis. Without jargon, an explicit and simple-to-understand weather pictogram, gives you the information you need to make your assessment.

For example here, for the last three months, with three anonymised investment funds, very popular in Switzerland:

  • FUND 1 - CHF - Mid Risk
  • FUND 2 - CHF - Mid Risk
  • FUND 3 - CHF - Mid Risk

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