PW indices performances PW Indices from 31.12.2023 to 30.06.2024
  • CHF - Low risk : 2.86%
  • CHF - Mid risk : 5.50%
  • CHF - High risk : 8.46%
  • EUR - Low risk : 2.64%
  • EUR - Mid risk : 4.64%
  • EUR - High risk : 6.35%
  • USD - Low risk : 2.70%
  • USD - Mid risk : 3.89%
  • USD - High risk : 6.04%
  • GBP - Low risk : 2.43%
  • GBP - Mid risk : 4.14%
  • GBP - High risk : 4.66%
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Evaluate wealth management by comparison

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Use external comparisons by currency and risk level to assess management performance.

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With daily monitoring, quickly identify absolute and relative deviations from risk levels.

Preparing for discussions with managers

The powerful analysis tools at your disposal allow you to understand the manager's behaviour and to validate his explanations.

Demonstrate the quality of your monitoring to the beneficial owners

In addition to the usual reporting, it shows the context of performance and risk, and the monitoring you do.

How it works

Performance Watcher is a participatory network that makes it easy to compare, track and communicate investment results.


Participate in the community with your own data in complete anonymity


Compare and evaluate in an interactive, modern and safe way


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Communicating effectively and cost-efficiently

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A powerful and intuitive solution for tracking performance and risk

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The Perfometer is the heart of Performance Watcher's analysis tools. Thanks to its simplicity and precision, it allows you to instantly compare the competitiveness of the portfolio under analysis. Without jargon, an explicit and simple-to-understand weather pictogram, gives you the information you need to make your assessment.

For example here, for the last three months, with three anonymised investment funds, very popular in Switzerland:

  • FUND 1 - CHF - Mid Risk
  • FUND 2 - CHF - Mid Risk
  • FUND 3 - CHF - Mid Risk

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5 Testimonials
  • Functional and precise, PW connects a community of investors. We appreciate the alert service that allows us to keep an eye on a large number of portfolios and to act in advance of shocks. This platform is a valuable tool that we like to use with customers.

    Lital Puller
  • Interfacing with Performance Watcher enables the lemania-pension hub platform to guarantee the independence of the performance analysis of the investment funds selected for the collective asset management of pension savings and to digitise its operational processes related to investment governance end to end. This strategic collaboration thus contributes to strengthening transparency in institutional management, a fundamental element in maintaining confidence in the financing of our pension benefits.

    Alexandre Michellod
    Chairman of the Board
  • Unlike other tools on the market PW is practical, functional and affordable while allowing an up to date and clear overview of the risk/performance. As a trust company, we have three main objectives in terms of investment performance monitoring. The first one is to ensure that the risk profile is in line with what has been agreed and approved. The second is to compare our portfolios return not only with a benchmark (not always representative) but with other comparable real portfolios. And last but not least, have the ability to monitor our portfolios whenever required (i.e. in distressed market circumstances). In my opinion, PW ticks all these boxes and is also able to provide an additional level of monitoring (alerts, more sophisticated reports) if needed. In a world that tends towards complete transparency and instant results, PW is ahead of its time.

    Annick Ducraux
    TEP, Trust Officer
  • At Consilia, we use Performance Watcher to efficiently monitor our clients risk-adjusted returns. The Performance Watcher metrics allow a convenient comparison of portfolios with the same risk profile and thus keeps the asset managers accountable. Additionally, the alerts keep us informed at all times and the information provided by Performance Watcher supplement our in-depth analytics.

    Bud Delhees
    Managing Director
  • The solution that allows me at a glance to view all the portfolios under our supervision and compare them with others with the same "risk profile".

    Claude Diserens