PW indices performances PW Indices from 31.12.2023 to 30.04.2024
  • CHF - Low risk : 1.62%
  • CHF - Mid risk : 3.11%
  • CHF - High risk : 5.47%
  • EUR - Low risk : 0.95%
  • EUR - Mid risk : 2.16%
  • EUR - High risk : 3.63%
  • USD - Low risk : 0.28%
  • USD - Mid risk : 1.55%
  • USD - High risk : 2.70%
  • GBP - Low risk : 0.91%
  • GBP - Mid risk : 2.34%
  • GBP - High risk : 3.42%

Performance Watcher Indices

Is your portfolio management competitive?

We bring an unbiased, trustworthy source of comparison.
Our benchmarks are net of fees
… and built from fee-paying discretionary accounts managed by pros.

Performance Watcher Indices
are the reference for unbiased, client-focused
performance and risk benchmarks!

Performance Watcher Indices are computed daily from our community’s discretionary portfolios, carefully classified by currency and mandate risk level.

All data is net of fees; the calculation method is the same for every portfolio.

We receive and curate 20,000 live portfolios every day.

Multiple currencies and risk levels are available for 10+ years, and daily data, with an instant feed, right at your fingertips.

Analysis, reporting, and marketing are all available with our unique independent benchmark source.

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The little-known secret to benchmarking is that performance to a market index is insufficient to judge a manager's talent.

One should be able to look at their risk-taking against peers, who all have to adapt to the same market conditions with similar objectives and cost structures. Then, and only then, can you discuss performance with them.

While it is straightforward to whip four market indices together and provide a historical performance of a theoretical portfolio invested in them, it does not reflect the reality of investing. Indices have as many as 1000’s of stocks and 10’0000s of bonds; portfolios only have dozens. Private wealth managers do take into consideration capital preservation, meaning they must not be as aggressively invested as a passive benchmark when the going gets tough. And trading and custody fees are ignored. Your portfolio management should not be measured against an off-the-shelf passive benchmark. A composite of fee-paying discretionary accounts is, on the hand, relevant.

Data quality is paramount

Performance Watcher curates and aggregates performance for over 20'000 portfolios daily using the same methodology. The valuations and in/out flows come directly from core banking systems and Portfolio Management Systems, not manual spreadsheets. The performance we calculate is net of fees, and we use the most robust methodology for performance calculation: daily time-weighted.

Professional licenses

With our exclusive license, via API or our well-known Performance Watcher app, you can get a daily feed for all currencies and all risk levels and compare your portfolio management to our community. We encourage you to share that information in your client reporting as long as you commit to choosing a proper reference.

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Test our perfometer

The Perfometer is the heart of Performance Watcher's analysis tools. Thanks to its simplicity and precision, it allows you to instantly compare the competitiveness of the portfolio under analysis. Without jargon, an explicit and simple-to-understand weather pictogram, gives you the information you need to make your assessment.

For example here, for the last three months, with three anonymised investment funds, very popular in Switzerland:

  • FUND 1 - CHF - Mid Risk
  • FUND 2 - CHF - Mid Risk
  • FUND 3 - CHF - Mid Risk